Reflections in Greek Postwar Architecture is the English supplement to the full book of the same name by Panayotis Tsakopoulos. The main goal of the project was to organize the text and images in a way that architecture students and enthusiasts alike could make sense of and enjoy.
The communication objective is legibility and comfortable reading through the careful use of typography, photography, illustrations, as well as an experimental take on design, since this audience is considered “design fluent” and “avant-garde”.

As one of the target audiences is architecture students, I believe that color-coding the chapters should be central to ensure ease of use. Using various techniques and elements that refer to architecture further cements the subject of the book in its design.
Every chapter has a different color that changes from cooler to warmer tones as the book progresses. Titles and architectural drawings are the most prominent colored elements.

Additionally, I used colored rectangles on the edges to mark the page numbers; with each passing chapter, the rectangles move further down. Even when it’s closed, it’s easy to pick the correct chapter simply by looking at the side of the book.

Architecture’s influence is apparent in the use of a geometrical typeface, the structures stemming from the fully justified body copy, and the methodical placement of imagery using implied lines.

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